About Us

Owners of La Punta Pullay, Ruperto and Carlina, are born-n-raised Pullay locals, but they welcome travelers and surfers from all over the world, year-round to stay with them on their oceanfront farm.  Their home is less of a swanky resort and more of cozy retreat where every guest is considered to be family.

Clean sheets, hot water, doorstep access to world-class surf, breakfast, lunch and dinner - what more do you need?  La Punta Pullay does not offer internet access, but cell phone reception is excellent with the carrier Movistar.  If you need the Internet, the closest Wi-Fi access is a 5 minute drive to the South in Buchupureo or 10-15 minutes for a cyber cafe in Cobquecura.  Buchupureo and Cobquecura also have amazing surf!

When you come to stay at La Punta Pullay, you can escape to a rare treasure in this modern world, a nearly undeveloped coastline.  Here you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the countryside, surf great waves and eat delicious home-cooked meals everyday.