The surf break at La Punta Pullay, just to the north of the village of Pullay, is one of many, world class sand-bottom points that litter the south-central coast of Chile, and it is literally right out the back door of your hosts, Ruperto y Carlina. 

Sunrise and an empty line-up. Photo LJ Groth.
The wave works best with a small-medium swell as it wraps around a volcanic rock outcropping and opens up into an expanse of sandy beach, forming long, fast and hollow lefts.  People surf any range of boards from fish to longboards to pintails (when the sandbar is firing barrels).  Your favorite shortboard will work just fine.

Photo Jessica Land.
Why Pullay?  You can surf here pretty much every day of the year until the waves get really big or until the winds rip over 20knots.  When the macking swells roll into the area, you can hop in our pick-up and head either north or south to find more perfect points that offer better conditions with more power in the sea.  This zone is considered to be a "swell magnet" and it is stacked with wind sheltered, all-time point breaks.   

Buchupureo local, Kika, enjoying the La Punta de Pullay.  Photo Jessica Land.

Cloudy morning, nice waves.  Ryan Lambert from Eugene, Oregon, taking it to the beach in Pullay. Photo Jessica Land

If you have any questions about specific surf spots in the area, feel free to contact us!